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MONITORING & CONTROL for the 100% renewable energy grid of the future.

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A plug-and-play monitoring and control system

The grid of the future will require secure, reliable and standardized communications on 100 million+ bi-directional power sources including solar, storage, EV's and more.

Without a scalable and universal networking infrastructure, the grid will crumble under the chaos of millions of energy devices turning on and off every second of the day. PowerFly provides the multi-vendor, plug-and-play networking backbone needed to help coordinate the distributed grid of the future.

About us

We are a team of solar and embedded controls experts bringing the latest in IoT technologies to solve some of the biggest communications challenges facing the grid of the future.

We are incredibly proud to have won two consecutive grant competitions with the American Made Solar Prize! As part of our grant, we were able to install PowerFly at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's FLEX Lab for rigorous testing; and all systems are go!  More about the American Made Solar Prize and the Powerfly team below.

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A plug-and-play solar monitoring and control system
  • Automatically generate accurate expected performance values

  • Designed for ANY size commercial solar system or fleet

  • Industrial grade components that last as long as your inverter

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Founder & CEO

James is a veteran developer of clean energy infrastructure projects. From energy efficiency engineering to microgrid design and development, he has a broad view of the clean energy landscape. His previous role was as Director of Project Development for a commercial solar installation company, and prior to that was the GM of an energy audit software startup.

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Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Bruce brings 25 years of embedded control systems engineering to the team. He has worked on globally respected brands such as Itron, Enphase and Sunrun and understands the hardware, firmware and software required to make a world class product.

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Co-Founder & Power Electronics Engineer

Daniel is an expert in DC power systems, PCB engineering and embedded systems. Daniel has created a unique energy harvesting technology using CT's that can power IoT devices with minimal installation effort. Daniel holds an MS from MIT and a PhD from UC Berkeley.  

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Advanced Features of the Powerfly Include

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The Powerfly will be the simplest, most secure, and robust way to bring a solar inverter online. No more running extensive conduit to reach a customer router, or rolling a truck every time the WiFi password changes. You are in control of your remote connection with the Powerlfy.

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No more need for determining your IP address or waiting on the phone with tech support for hours.  Just plug it in, turn it on and you are online.  All Powerfly units will ship with embedded cellular communications and unlimited data plans included.

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Do you really need another dashboard with endless graphs, charts and numbers everywhere? We are getting rid of all the noise and displaying only actionable, relevant information. Automatic monthly performance report generation comes standard without the need for clicking and searching for important data points.

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